Timeshare - What is Timeshare

Azure's philosophy is simple: to make luxury products easily attainable and readily available to a large member-base. With this philosophy in mind, the answer to what is timeshare? is quite simple – access over ownership.

The concept was born back in the 1960's, and the term timeshare used to explain the sharing of a property between like-minded individuals wanting the same thing – a share of a property for a specific period of time each year.

Today, peoples' hectic lifestyles mean that sharing concepts are becoming increasingly popular, instantly solving the desired requirement, whether that be a gym membership or golf membership. No-one specifically wishes to own the gym building or golf course along with its upkeep! rather, just access the membership for a specified period of time.

Today's timeshare encompasses high-end resorts, with select companies applying this to boats and cars too. The luxury element of all these products offers consumers a cost-effective way to experience the luxury lifestyle for a chosen period of time each year, without the hassles that come with owning any of these items outright. Luxury well-known hotel brands such as Hilton, Marriott, and Starwood hotels, all synonymous with high-end accommodation, offer timeshare in first-class resorts throughout the world.

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Azure Malta Timeshare at Radisson Blu Golden Sands

Azure is a multi-award-winning sales and marketing specialist, leading the way in Europe with its offering of luxury products within the leisure and hospitality industry. Based in Malta, Azure's timeshare suites are situated in the prestigious five-star Radisson Blu Resort & Spa. Spacious accommodation with fully-equipped kitchens boast incredible views over Golden Bay from its premier, beachfront location. The renowned Radisson brand ensures first-class amenities and resort facilities.

Timeshare is a popular concept enjoyed by millions of families across the world. Most timeshare complaints arise from a lack of information on a product, or indeed how it is offered for resale, if the occasion arises. As a market leader within the timeshare industry, Azure ensures a genuine product offering, at a world travel industry acclaimed resort.

The Azue Guarantee

Azure Malta timeshare can only be purchased from Azure. The Azure Guarantee promises that Azure memberships can only be purchased directly through Azure from a licensed on-site Azure representative. Not on-line, not over the phone, not out of a newspaper, and not from anyone else.

Dedicated to Timeshare Excellence!

With an increasing member-base of over 5,000 families, a five-star Mediterranean resort and an award-winning Sunseeker luxury yacht programme, Azure provides tailor-made membership options to suit all lifestyle requirements.

Customer satisfaction is taken extremely seriously and paramount when growing the already-successful brand. With a dedicated on-site team of Member Services representatives, all communications, complaints and enquiries are handled face-to-face, over the telephone or via email.

Whether your enquiry is regarding your new membership, information on how to exchange your timeshare, or to discuss timeshare resales, you can rest assured that a knowledgeable representative will be there for you every step of the way.

Don't just take our word for it!

The best people to talk about how good the product is, are the people who are using the product. Check out the reviews shared by Azure timeshare members. These include reviews shared on Facebook, the Azure Malta timeshare site and on TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site.

For further information on how to visit Malta, or Azure membership benefits contact Azure today on: info@azure.com.mt or call us directly on 0203 912 1700 (calling from the UK) or 00356 2778 2525 (Worldwide).