Meet the Team

Perry Newton

Managing Director

Kevin Camilleri

Memberships General Sales Manager

Gavin Dickinson

Memberships Director

Mark Galea

Head of Finance and Corporate Affairs

Sarah Mazzone

Head of Marketing

Iggy Zammit

Memberships Consultant

Sam Hanson

Call Centre Operations Manager

Sacha Muscat Inglott

Memberships Consultant

Jodie Quirk

PA to the Project Director

Anja Cassar

Properties Manager

Linda Alfaro

Resales Department Manger

Fiona Zammit

Members Services Supervisor

Debbie Richards

Member Services Agent

Louise Gauci

Members Services Agent

Frida Xuereb

Administration Manager

Marion Fitzpatrick

Contracts Manager

Jim Poucher

Contracts Manager

Debra Fowler

Contracts Manager

Jon Grafton

Creative Manager

Clifton Meilaq

Call Centre Team Manager

Kirsti Newton

Marketing Editor

Donna Davies

Agents Marketing Programme

Glen Stacey

Members' Concierge